UltimateAAC can handle the following file formats: HRD5 (DSN), HRD4/DM780, DXbase2007, DXKeeper, SWISSLOG5 (*.mdb), MixW (DSN,*mdb,*log) and DigiPan (*.log), AirLinkExpress (*mdb) and Hamlog32 (*dbf) or ADIF. All other logbooks must be converted into ADIF. UltimateAAC will not do changes to the original log file. All QSOs done before 01. Jan 2000 will be automatically filtered out. The system will only accept QSOs in (BQ)PSK(31,63,125) and from 10. Jun 2006 EPC numbers as well as Areas (if known) will be added.

In case of ADIF the following minimum requirement applies:

<CALL>, <QSO_DATE>, <TIME_ON>, <BAND> or <FREQ> and <MODE>.
additionally (if available):
<GRIDSQUARE> like JO41AA or JO41
<IOTA> like EU-111
<CQZ> and <ITUZ> both consist of 1 to 2 digits
and <NAME> for the YLPA.

In order to have the evaluation process working perfect, following Awards require special details in the <COMMENT> field:
YLPA: "#YL" or "#CSYL"
CRUMB: "#PWR 1-5"
DXDA: additional "#DX 0000"
DKPA: additional "#AREA XX.00.XX"

With DigiPan IOTA as well as GRID references can be stored in the <COMMENT> field. ("#IOTA EU-098 " or "#GRID JO40JI ").

Any other format than this will be ignored by UltimateAAC.
CQ and ITU zones are software generated or are taken over if already existing. For VK, UA, W, VE, PY and BY the software will use self-generated zones since these are most of the time more precise then the one coming from any log software.

The completed data files are then send through the evaluation module and result in a final overview. Possible single results as well as errors might be displayed.