At the beginning there was fire...

Old-timers might remember the prototype of an award application: exhausting and time eating. One had to search through the entire logbook in order to compile Word documents, sign them and finally have them sent to Jurij.
Wil's, DH5WB, Online-application was a great relief and simplified the whole process pretty much.He checked and evaluated the ADIF-files according to the EPC Award criteria and forwarded the results to the Manager.
For that purpose I created MixW2EPC. It allowed the user to convert his MixW Log into ADIF-files that only contained EPC relevant data. An add-on for other logging programmes was included subsequently.
I have developed parallel to Wil's online-application MixW2EPC until in July 2007 the first publicv version of UltimateEPC has been released.

In the course of time, plenty of awards have been added together with a larger variety of logging programmes that allowed direct access. The result and the idea was to make the life of an EPC member an easier one.

UltimateEPC is now the official way to apply for the awards of the EPC.

In June 2011 UltimateEPC was again expanded, to meet the new functionality it was renamed to UltimateAAC. Now, the award programs of five digital mode clubs are evaluated.

...and in the future

Our future plan is to have UltimateAAC extended to other software systems as well as a growing diversity of awards.